Kurt and Sheri Pflegl

“Our story began when Sheri and I moved to Las Vegas from different parts of the country, and began working on the Las Vegas Strip at the same hotel.  We  became friends, and soon after, began dating, and then were married a few years later.  During that time, God made Himself known to us, and connected us into a great community of people who were committed to pursuing an intimate relationship with Him.

Over the years, God began to invite us into the work He was doing to change people’s lives, which turned into my being on staff at several churches in the Vegas area.  Things have changed dramatically for us in recent years.  Not very long ago, we went to India to help start a new ministry there.

Soon after returning to the U.S., God revealed to us that our time in India, and everything that came before, was preparation for His call to start a new church in San Luis Obispo, California.  God continues to confirm this calling by giving us His vision for this area, and His love for the people here.  We are excited to continue to follow God’s leading to bring Elevate Christian Church into existence in SLO!”

Sean and Sarah Stepleton

Since early in our marriage, God has had a calling on our life to be a part of full time ministry. In September 1999, we moved to Las Vegas, NV where Sean accepted a position at Canyon Ridge Christian Church as the Student Worship Pastor. He spent the next seven years leading worship, mentoring students, building volunteer teams, and occasionally teaching. In addition, Sarah was also working for the church as an admin and assistant graphic designer for the worship arts department.

In 2005, we took a missions class and were never the same! Though we had always believed in the importance of missions, we had never felt a responsibility to become actively involved. We both felt like God was calling us to the mission field, but we weren’t sure when or where. After co-leading a mission trip to England and a lot of prayer and counsel, we had our next steps figured out. So in January 2007 (after selling our house and most of our belongings) we said goodbye to Las Vegas and hello to England. We trained and served with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) which is an organization that helps to disciple and develop young missionaries. We had a chance to lead missions teams to Poland, China, Spain, as well as serve with local churches in England. In December 2009, we came home for a visit and to obtain a new visa. But God had different plans for our life. We were unable to obtain a new visa and so the door back into England was unexpectedly closed.

But where God closes a door, he opens a window! As we reconnected with our church family in Las Vegas, Sean learned that they were actively looking for another lead worship pastor for their adult services. After a long interview process and a lot of prayer and counsel, Sean accepted the position. This is the role that Sean has been serving in since June 2010.

But God has a funny way of leading us to unexpected places. He began making it clear that it was time to once again transition away from Canyon Ridge, but we had no idea what our next step would be. Then we were introduced to Kurt & Sheri Pflegl this past Thanksgiving (2013) and learned of their desire to plant a church in San Luis Obispo, CA. The more our families met and prayed together, the more it became clear that we were supposed to join them in church planting.

We are so excited to be a part of this venture and we are so encouraged to look back and see how God has been orchestrating His plan well before we understood the twists and unexpected turns of our journey.