lead minister

Meet Kurt and Sheri Pflegl – “Our story began when Sheri and I moved to Las Vegas from different parts of the country, and began working on the Las Vegas Strip at the same hotel.  We  became friends, and soon after, began dating, and then were married a few years later.  During that time, God made Himself known to us, and connected us into a great community of people who were committed to pursuing an intimate relationship with Him.

Over the years, God began to invite us into the work He was doing to change people’s lives, which turned into my being on staff at several churches in the Vegas area.  Things have changed dramatically for us in recent years.  Not very long ago, we went to India to help start a new ministry there.

Soon after returning to the U.S., God revealed to us that our time in India, and everything that came before, was preparation for His call to start a new church in San Luis Obispo, California.  God continues to confirm this calling by giving us His vision for this area, and His love for the people here.  We are excited to continue to follow God’s leading to bring Elevate Christian Church into existence in SLO!”