1. ACCEPTANCE – We want people to “Come as you are” so they know they BELONG, as demonstrated by: Embracing attitudes and environments that create space for people to become followers of Jesus. Accepting one another’s brokenness while encouraging healing in Christ.


2. BIBLICAL RELEVANCE – We believe that the Bible is relevant to our lives in order to BECOME who God says we are in Christ, as demonstrated by: Living in submission to and seeing the world through God’s Word. (Biblical worldview) Effectively communicating the truths of God’s Word in all environments.

3. INTERDEPENDENCE – We believe that life change happens best in partnering relationships in our journey to BECOME, as demonstrated by: a) Living out the spiritual life in authentic relationships with God’s people in one on one relationships and groups, and b) Pursuing opportunities to co-operate with other organizations to the ultimate benefit of God’s plan.

4. TRANSFORMATION – We believe ongoing transformation is the expectation of every believer so people BECOME who God says they already are in Christ, as demonstrated by: An exterior life that reflects an inward moving toward unconditional God-reliance.


5. MULTIPLICATION – We are called to multiply mature Jesus followers as we reach BEYOND ourselves through local/global impact, as demonstrated by: a) Pursuing intentional friendships with people far from God in order to connect them to Christ, b)Regularly using our gifts, abilities and passion to serve the needs of the church, the community and the world, and c) Actively investing in others for their wholeness in Christ (spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, physical, and financial).